Sistema de Datos de Cromatografía

ema de Datos de Cromatografía

The KONIKROM PLUS is high performance, 32-BIT multichannel and multi-user station for acquisition and processing of chromatographic data. The station consists of a PC internal A/D converter board (PCI, ISA) or an external A/D unit (communication via RS232 or USB), a 5m cables and the software package.

General Specifications

  • Operating Systems: KonikKROM® PLUS has been developed for all 32-bit Windows operating systems (Win95, Win98, Me, NT4, 2000 and XP).
  • Flexibility: KonikKROM® PLUS can be connected to any gas or liquid chromatographic or electrophoretic instrument equipped with voltage output.
  • Serving Several Instruments: The station can measure data from 1 to 4 detectors, where the operation or behaviour of each of them may be entirely different.
  • Multitasking: Data acquisition proceeds continuously. While a meaurement is in progress, you can evaluate/process a previous, or prepare parameters for subsequent analyses.  

KONIKROM PLUS Specific Information


  • From any chromatographic detector with voltage output,
  • Analysis conditions documented in the “Method File”,
  • Customization of Acquisition parameters (star/stop, voltage range, sample rate,...),
  • Customization of Integration parameters (peak with, threshold,...),
  • Customization of Calculation parameters (calibration file, column calculations,...),
  • Single RUN analysis/sequence analysis,
  • Automatic numbering option for creating chromatoms names,
  • Monitoring detector signal any time (during or not a run),
  • Simultaneous measurements in all channels,
  • Continuous measurement processing (snapshot command).

Data Processing

  • Automatic integration as integration method parameters,
  • Automatic analytical results: peak height and area, amount of compound,...,
  • Calculation of parameters describing quality of the chromatographic system (asymmetry, plate number,...),
  • Easy reintegration with useful commands (end/start, tangent, valley, groups,...),
  • Special calculations with user created calculation formulas.


  • Qualitative and quantitative evaluation of analysis,
  • 20 levels of calibration with unlimeted points per level,
  • One external standard method and three internal standard methods,
  • Individual windows for each calibrated peak (with calibration curve and data),
  • Summary table for all compounds,
  • Customizable parameters: response type, curve type, force to origin,...


  • User defined options,
  • Layout stored in the "report file",
  • Previewing the report prior printing,
  • Report may include: header, method information, calibration graphs, calibration tables, chromatogram, results, sequence information,...


  • Post run function for analysis processing: chromatogram and calibration window automatically displayed, results printed, data exported to a clipboard, etc.
  • Batch processing of chromatographic data.


  • Protection of data: access rights and password to protect data,
  • Documentation concerning Adquisition and Evaluation of Chromatographic data: about conditions, changes,...
  • Printed reports: date and time of the analysis and report,
  • System Suitability Test: allows the user to monitor the function, reproducibility and accuracy of the obtained data.