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Foods & Beverages

The range of KONIK equipment and specific solutions that GIBNIK offers for food and beverages analysis is quite comprehensive. Includes the standard KONIK GCs and HPLCs low cost configurations to the more sophisticated KONIK GC-MS and HPLC-MS systems, as well as the uniquely patented KONIK HPLC+GC-MS Multidimensional Triple Analyzer. This unique patented system facilitates lowering detection limits, simplifying sample preparation, reducing total analysis time and individual cost of analysis, while widening the scope to determination of both, target and unknowns, as well as the ability to analyze polar non volatile by “On line Derivatization”-GC-MS with standard libraries search.

Among other is worth mentioning the specific taylor made solution packages that GIBNIK offers for :

  • Pesticides residues in any matrix
  • Fatty acids  and sterols in oils and fats
  • Alcohols, esters, flavours and fermentation byproducts
  • Antioxidants, phenols, and other bioactive substances
  • Food additives,…