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Opportunities for distributors, investors, R + D projects, careers,…

The GIBNIK business and products portfolio are continuously expanded offering new opportunities to interested Distributors, Investors, and young Scientist and Technologists. The current Scientific and Technical team  has a long and outstanding track record of innovations derived from their scientific and technical curriculums.

GIBNIK works closely with End Users and Distributors in key areas such as to:

  • Simplify Sample Preparation,
  • Shorten Analysis Time,
  • Improve Selectivity,
  • Reduce Detection Limits,
  • Develop New Methods and Applications,
  • Lower Overall Costs, …

In addition to the above GIBNIK Special Products Department will be proud to take the challenge to develop “Turn Key Specially Engineered Analytical Solutions” based on GIBNIK core technologies and specialization. A prior feasibility study might be occasionally necessary.

GIBNIK cooperates with several Universities and Research Centres around the World to contribute to the diffusion and better understanding of the GIBNIK-KONIK  technologies by holding Workshops and Seminars, participating in International Exhibitions and Congress, while presenting papers and posters in Specialized Symposiums along with occasional Short Courses in our core technologies such as Multidimensional HPLC+GC-MS, Interpretation of Mass Spectra, and On-line Derivatization, this to stretch the application limits of HPLC+GC to non-volatile substances.


All the above generate plenty of opportunities to interested parties. If you are interested in any of the above please let us know your specific proposal(s)  along with your CV and background areas of interest so we can evaluate you as a candidate to be incorporated into our projects.

The following are permanent open positions to qualified talented and motivated individuals:

Senior and Junior Application Chemist: With experience in GC, HPLC, GC-MS, HPLC-MS, IC interested to forward her/his specialization in developing these technologies as well as Multidimensional HPLC+GC-MS. To improve methodologies in any of the main application fields such as Foods and Bromatology, Drugs and Nutraceuticals, Water and Environmental Pollutants, Petroleum and Petrochemicals, Toxicology and Forensics,…

Junior Technical Marketing and Sales: If you are a good communicator, like people, focus on their interest, evaluate their specific needs, …while travelling the world, you might be interested to join our Technical Marketing and Sales Team. THe main task is to propose to any interested party the GIBNIK’s specific Solutions to any identified problem and/or need.


GIBNIK is committed to Distributors by offering them a comprehensive training programme in both Marketing and Sales, and Service Training.
To qualify to be Exclusive for a particular territory Distributors have to meet 3 basic objectives:

  1. Attend every two years the Distributor’s Marketing and Sales Conference. For the next Conference details please click News and Events.
  2. Develop a pre-agreed Yearly Marketing Plan leading to set local “walk-in” reference laboratories where KONIK equipment can be demonstrated, and
  3. Train your Service Team to properly support the KONIK instruments and GIBNIK customers locally.

GIBNIK offers Distributors special discounts to facilitate acquisition of Demonstration equipment to be used in each market for the above purposes.
The GIBNIK Marketing and Sales Network worldwide is being continuously reinforced and expanded. Please contact our Marketing Department at marketing@gibnik.com to request GIBNIK Distributors Application Form while confirming your commitment to Train and Specialize your Staff. We aim to ultimately generate a pleasant, mutually rewarding and happy, personal and professional relationship oriented to properly support our common customers and end users.

New R&D Projects and Investors

If you are interested to develop jointly any new R&D Projects related to our Core Technologies, or to invest in our Company, or in any of our existing or new R&D projects, please contact corporate.development@gibnik.com.

We will consider any opportunities that could contribute effectively to our sustained growth while maintaining our independence. We are particularly interested in partnerships within the European Community Programmes and Capital Investors seeking strategic medium and long term alliances.

FOUNDATION GOALS: The objectives of the Foundation are:

In Health

The development of a complete metabolic molecular scanner of the body for early diagnosis and control of many diseases.

In Nutrition

The development of a new methodology to evaluate the nutritional and bioactive components of foods and typical diets to improve the way they are processed, cooked and mixed to protect the decomposition / transformation of vitamins, antioxidants and other proven healthy components of our diets;

in Environment

The development of analytical methodology for a better evaluation and assesment of critical pollutants in waters resulting from human activity. Their destination, photo and chemical degradation and transformation, as well as their cost-effective disposal are in the focus of the Foundation.

Professional Opportunities

In combination with the above, and with funding available, we are organizing to offer new graduates specific career opportunities, and tailor-made specialization, in accordance with mutual interests.

The financing and therefore the position (s) currently available are as follows:

There are no positions at this time. It will be announced as soon as funding is available, but CV candidates and indication of your interest are welcome. Please send them to foundation@gibnik.com

Sponsorships and Donations

GIBNIK Analytical Solutions S.L. will contribute 20% of its annual profits as of this year 2019. In addition, the Foundation intends to obtain sponsorship and donations from individuals and institutions, as well as from other Foundations. The principal “sponsor” will be automatically invited to join the Advisory Board of the Foundation with vote in its regular meetings.

A limited number of Trustees will be appointed to be cross-sectional representatives of the company and include GIBNIK Clients, Distributors and Suppliers from all five continents. If you are interested in participating or have any suggestions for successful development of Foundation Projects, please contact foundation@gibnik.com

The draft Foundation Statutes are available to any potential sponsor.