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Gas Chromatography


 The KONIK GC 5000C has been designed for all conventional and special GC applications including Multivalve-Multicolumn Systems (RGA, NGA, PONA, PIANO, TOGA,…), as well as Fast and Multidimensional GC-GC and for multidimensional HPLC+GC (a KONIK patent) and HPLC+GC-GC. All these options can be fitted into the KONIK GC 5000C at any time, providing for future applications as new methods come into place.

The superb low inertia, fast heating and cooling, high precision oven (+/-0.1 ºC displayed) already introduced in the 5000A and the unique Cold Septum (purgeless) injection technology and exceptional flow controls of detector gases, along with the full range of detectors with their fast electrometers, are second to none. The state-of-the-art electronics, based on FPGA,s and micro embedded PC,s, that GIBNIK developed for its KONIK MS Q12 Mass Spectrometer, has now been also implemented in the KONIK range of new advanced GCs and GC-MS allowing total diagnostics and remote control of the systems via internet and simple TCP/IP protocols.

Powerful and Flexible Sample handling. Multimodal and Multi-technique Sample Preparation and Sample Introduction is provided by the unique RoboKrom, the first and only Robotic Platform able to perform Static Head Space (HS), Dynamic Purge and Trap (P&T), Solid Phase Micro Extraction (SPME), Thermal Desorption, Sample Derivation and Micro-Concentration, besides standard injections in any GC and/or HPLC.

GIBNIK’s KONIK GC 5000C Series Gas Chromatograph is a High Resolution modular system integrated in one structural unit. Its unique design allows for constant upgrading and equipment modernization to any future analytical requirement, without modifying its external appearance or basic structure. The most common upgrades, as well as the necessary modifications for specific applications were considered while designing the GC 5000 A.

The optimal configuration for any specific application is obtained by selecting the basic version and customizing the unit by adding the required options for the analysis desired: injector options, detector options, valve switching devices, back-flushing devices, auto-sampler, head space, control software, data processing, etc.

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Sample Introduction

• All injection options available (conventional, capillary, PTV, sampling valves for gas and liquid samples…)
• Compatible with any kind of column: capillary, megabore, packed (SS or glass)
• Cold Septum Purge-Less Injector design
• Electronic Pneumatics Control (EPC)
• Overheating Protection
• Ready Active Control

Pneumatic System

• 15 x PWM at 24 for EPC valve control
• 16 x 16 bit ADC for Pressure/Flow sensor
• Electronic Pneumatic control (EPC) with free choice of carrier gas.
• Up to 150 psi, designed for FAST GC
• Flow/pressure programming up to 5 ramps (0.01psi/min to 150 psi/min or 0.01ml/min to 1000ml/min) with 6 isobaric steps
• Pressure precision: 0.0015 psi (100 psi) and 0.003 psi (150 psi)
• Flow precision: 0.01ml/min
• High split ratios up to 9999:1 (depending on carrier gas)
• EPC for detector gases



• High performance and low thermal inertia oven design with expanded temperature range from
-90ºC to 490ºC. Thermal inertia is dramatically minimized with perforated oven walls.
• Fastest heating and cooling oven: from 450ºC to 50ºC in less than 300s.
• PID Temperature control.
• Temperature resolution: 0.01ºC, 16bit ADC. 0.1ºC accuracy displayed.
• Two oven flaps, for maximum temperature stability even close to ambient temperature.
• Temperature gradients inside the oven have been reduced by forced air circulation.
• Oven is also pre-drilled to allow the installation of valves (sampling and switching), external interfaces (MS, FTIR) and other peripherals.
• Up to 25 positive and negative temperature ramps from 0.1ºC/min to 130ºC/min in 0.1ºC/min steps. Up to 26 isothermal periods.
• FAST GC option up to 500ºC/min using standard columns.
• Dual overheating protection, by hardware and software.

New electronics

The new electronics of the GIBNIK GC 5000B Series based on FPGA technology of the latest generation has been developed to exceed the performance of all its predecessor microprocessors. Here are some of its crash throughs:

• Windows menu driven Touch PAD TFT Interface, 262566 colours/pixel
• Control of 8 isolated heated blocks at 16 BIT ADC (more than 0.01ºC precision) by PT-100: oven, 3 injectors, 3 detectors and one additional point of control
• Control of 2 points at 16BIT ADC by fast control PT-100
• Control of 2 points at 16BIT ADC by thermocouple with increased range up to 2000ºC (specially designed for Konik Quantitator®)
• Autoswitch on/off, Stand-by mode
• Self testing and autodiagnostics
• Power fail memory protection


The GIBNIK Detectors are of modular design for quick interchangeability. Their unique design provides the best in flexibility and speed. KONIK offers a wide range of detectors such as: FID, TCD, ECD, NPD, FPD, Dual FID/FPD, OLFACTORY, PDHID/PDECD, MSD.

• Modular and interchangeable detectors
• With digital electrometers and amplifiers
• Any type of column
• Automatic Autozero
• Independent Temperature Programming
• Control RAC® (Ready Active Control)
• Highest detectability

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