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GIBNIK’s scope of supplies are not limited to provide our customers with the:

• optimal equipment for every particular analytical requirement,
• effective after sales technical services, and
• innovative applications development,

but to provide them, also,

  • customized training in accordance with their specific needs, as well as 
  • complete  Analytical Engineering Solutions on a “turnkey” bases with GIBNIK’s  “Zero Risk” Policy 

In summary these complementary services include:

Workshops And Specialization Courses
  • Intensive short course on Multidimensional HPLC+GC-MS: Principles and applications, are scheduled in the following locations:
  • Barcelona, Bellaterra : October 28th, 2020, 17 to 19 hrs. Immediately after Analytica Munich. Location: Hotel Campus, UAB-Bellaterra, Barcelona. No registration fee.
  • Dubai: September 8th, 2020, 17 to 19 hrs. During ArabLab. Location to be announced at our stand in ArabLab num, 651 Hall S2. No registration fee.

Pre-Registration required.

Other short courses to be announced soon:

  • Interpretation of Mass Spectra,
  • On-line Derivatization (to extend the application limits of HPLC+GC to non-volatile substances and Increasing Selective Detection while Lowering Detection Limits,
  • Characterization and simultaneous determination of Target as well as New Compounds in Complex Matrix (Body fluids, Forensics, Petroleum, Water and Environmental, Foods and Flavours, …)
  • Vacuum, UHV and Leak Detection: ULVAC range of pumps and systems

Pre-Registration required.

GIBNIK offers videoconference presentations and demonstration of any of the KONIK specialized analyzers upon request. Please fill in and email the Information Request Form below.
Specific Applications
An ever increasing number of applications are available. Our Company policy is to offer you specific information on applications and equipment, tailor made to your needs, hence in order to be able to send to you the specific, and more appropriate information in line with your defined interest, please fill and return the below Information Request Form.
Turn Key Projects
The scope of supply is centred around the technical capabilities and specialization of the GIBNIK Technical Experts Team developed over its more than 41 years of activity. The KONIK GC’s, HPLC’s, ICs, GC-MS, HPLC-MS, stand alone and Multidimensional Systems HPLC+GC, HPLC+GC-MS, along with their associated multimodal robotics for sample preparation and introduction to them such as: Head Space, Purge & Trap, Solid Phase micro Extraction, Thermal Desorbtion, etc… are being used by thousands of customer for hundreds of applications in the five continents. GIBNIK is pleased to offer to its customers this wealth of experience to develop any “turnkey project” of interest. Please use the below Request Form
The KONIK Metabolyzer

An innovative GIBNIK project in Metabolomics. GIBNIK is in the process of developing an innovative Full Body Molecular Scanner that it is in itself a Comprehensive Molecular Analyzer of all body fluids based on its patented KONIK HPLC+GC-MS K2Q2 Multidimensional Triple Analyzer.

With this innovative approach to Molecular Clinical Chemistry GIBNIK commits to contribute effectively to complement and replace advantageously other analytical tools for early diagnostics of numerous diseases while tracing and contributing to the comparative mappings of the Human Metabolome in health and disease.

The basic KONIK “METABOLYZER” for “lung exhaled air and other oesophagi volatiles” to evaluate some respiratory and digestive functions and diseases, is scheduled to be introduced into the world markets sometime in the course of 2020.

GIBNIK welcomes cooperation of any Institutions, specially State Hospitals and Specialized Medical Centres in order to develop a tight network worldwide to nourish and share the data base.

Barcelona has been recently chosen as one of three European cities to house the new hub of the so called Mare Nostrum Supercomputing Centre . We trust that this will be offering participants the inherent potential of Big Data Management as in essence we need to deal with billions of data points to create a molecular picture of the human metabolome. If you are interested to participate to any extend in this project please contact us using  the Request Form below.

OEM, Original Equipment Manufacturers agreements with purposely defined Technology Transfers to any interested third party. Please let us have your proposals and confirmation of interest. All requests will be treated with utmost confidentiality after ensuing signing of the corresponding NDA.
Other Services
  • Analytical Services: Are offered upon customer request as an occasional service to special customers. Please enquire.
  • Customized Analytical Instruments Training: offered to all GIBNIK customers worldwide either on our Training Centre of Barcelona ,or in their own premises. To be booked with at least two months notice. Send your enquiries by using the Request Form.
  • Analytical Equipment Renting: This service is offered on a monthly basis. GIBNIK can also assist customers in the use of the rented equipment, complement customer staff training etc. Send us your specific request in the Request Form.
The Gibnik Technical Team

The Senior Advisory Group of the GIBNIK’s Scientific and Technical Team is led by Prof. Dr. Josep M. Gibert. A former Research Associate at the Univ. of Houston  under several NASA grants for the analysis of Apollo Lunar Programme samples. He obtained his PhD in 1971 (Some of his past research work can be found at Google, just type: Gibert Apollo Murchison). He was later Associate Professor of Analytical Chemistry at the UAB, Autonomous Univ. of Barcelona, and Researcher at the IBF (Institute of Fundamental Biology) where he began his studies in Metabolomics while enrolled at the Faculty of Medicine. In 1977 he left the University to lead the team that has developed the innovative KONIK Programme of Molecular and Ionic Analyzers over the past 41 years.